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Polypropylene is a resilient, lightweight and durable material which is 3 meters long.

Each section features a multi- connection design through the use of increased strength nylon strap loops which allow you to work fast and efficiently from the initial stages of construction until the end of the construction process!

Why Should you use the EasyChute?

The EasyChute is a new tool which will change the modern day construction industry in Australia!

A cleaner job site will lead to a reduction in dust and hazards, including a reduction in injuries and fatalities which have occurred in the construction industry due to rubbish being left all over the construction site.

The EasyChute provides a safe way to discard of demolition and construction rubbish such as: bricklayer, carpenter, roofer, gyprockers, tilers and various other trades offcuts. Construction rubbish has been scientifically proven to cause illnesses with construction subcontractors and laborers due to the harmful effects of construction debris such as dust and asbestos.

A decrease in labor costs: Hiring laborers or forcing your construction subcontractors the dreaded task of removing their rubbish one stair at a time can add thousands of dollars to overhead in labor costs and increase the man hours for each project. Any increase cost or increased in the schedule of construction will cause headaches for the project manager or home owner!

Do not waste money on hiring traditional chutes that are a time consuming burden, heavy enough to cause injury whilst being installed or dismantled. Invest in the EasyChute, a light weight material that is cost effective and easy to install and dismantle. Made from a high grade, durable plastic material which is able to be installed on the exterior of any unique Construction work site easily.

Recent Blogs

  • Mining Safety Process Using The Easychute

    10 June 2019

    3 Ways the EasyChute has been utilized in the Mining industry 1. Efficiency The EasyChute has streamlined work processes delivering both cost and operating efficiencies and creating safer and profitable working environments in Mining sites across Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland & New South Wales. To date, these are the following top tier organizations that have […]


  • How The Easy Chute Makes Construction Safe

    28 April 2019

    OHSE In order to keep on track of the critical path of the construction development project, safety must be paramount. If injuries occur on site: The work can be halted, Schedules can be delayed, Construction costs may be exceeded Most importantly, the worker may not be able to work again. The implementation of safety systems […]


  • 5 Factors Every Builder or Contractor Must Consider When Choosing a Construction Chute.

    23 January 2017

    Maneuverability Traditional Construction chutes are not flexible; they can’t be moved around the construction site easily. The original positioning on a traditional chute can’t be changed – due to design and access changes the original allocated area may not be a suitable place for the construction chute. However, with the EasyChute within a few minutes […]


  • 6 Ways the EasyChute makes construction life easy

    7 November 2016

    The EasyChute is a durable light weight construction rubbish removal chute. One section which covers one storey of a house is only 1.3 kilograms. This allows the chute to be installed and dismantled easily due to its light weight.


  • 6 Common Problems in the current Australian Construction industry

    1 November 2016

    Construction Chutes are an uncommon tool on construction sites in Australia. The Australian tradespersons, building companies, building product supplies and homeowners are all wasting thousands of dollars. Major delays do occur on several projects due to not having a Construction chute on their job site. Not knowing the most effective way to get rid of construction rubbish can add up the expenses.


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