What Materials can the EasyChute handle?

Construction materials such as timber, tiles, plaster, bricks, worksite offcuts and dust are easily handled by the EasyChute when the proper process of discarding Junk has been undertaken.

How does the EasyChute contribute to making the work environment safe?

To have an efficient, fast paced and SAFE construction job site you must discard of all offcut materials, junk and rubbish as quick and safe as possible. The construction industry over-represents work-related injuries, fatalities’, workers’ compensation claims and the hospitalization of construction workers. The aim of the EasyChute is to provide a safe work method in the trash removal in the Construction industry. These are all avoidable incidents, if you want to be responsible enough to keep your sites’ waste manageable and properly disposed of then look no further than the EasyChute.

How does the EasyChute compare to regular construction chutes?
  • The installation of a Construction debris chute should always be cost effective and easy to install. The installation of the EasyChute only requires 5 minutes of your time. The EasyChute is much more cost effective in comparison to hiring other chutes.
  • Chutes should always be lightweight for the ease of installing and dismantling the chute while Regular chutes are much heavier in weight.
  • Always choose the Chute which uses high grade plastic material. The EasyChute is made from a thick, woven coated, Polypropylene material.
  • After using the chutes they should always be packed up and temporarily kept in a storage area. The Chutes should never occupy too much space.
  • There are several chutes that can’t be used in certain Construction sites. The best Construction rubbish removal chutes can be erected on unique jobsites through windows, off the balcony and can be erected on scaffoldings. If the chute can be erected on the exterior of a construction building, it is a good product.
Can the EasyChute be extended?

The EasyChute is a multi-connection design through the use of high-strength nylon loops and attachments such as clips.

Does the EasyChute dispose of harmful products such as asbestos and dust safely?

Harmful and hazardous debris can be placed in the EasyChute. Debris may have rough or sharp edges or may contain hazardous content such as lead, asbestos, fiberglass or may contain chemicals. You should be familiar with the types of construction waste your site may contain. With Construction waste there are several permitted waste landfills which are located all over Australia where you can dispose of your waste.

Can the EasyChute be used on unique projects?

Yes! The EasyChute can be used on a one story residential home to a five story unit complex. The EasyChute has been designed for any unique scenario in the building industry.

Does the EasyChute save time?

On every construction site there are contractors who are there on site to complete the task at hand. Demolition contractors, tiling contracts, carpenter contractors and all other tradesmen have days where they will have to clean up. Many builders, home owners and tradesmen alike despise cleanup day because the highly skilled workers are being paid top dollar to clean up the Job site. With the EasyChute, the cleanup task will be made easy! With the EasyChute setup to the rubbish tip, it will not take long for the site to be clean as the process will be made much easier. You either have the option of paying your highly skilled workers to move the rubbish one stair and bag at a time or slide it down the EasyChute.

How long does the EasyChute take to set up?

Only minutes! To set up and dismantle the EasyChute is an easy and time efficient process.

Do I have to be a tradesman to use the EasyChute?

No! A home owner who wants to conduct a small or large scaled demolition job on their property can use the EasyChute. The EasyChute has been designed to make the Rubbish removal process more efficient for the tradesmen and the home owner. Time and money will be saved by using the EasyChute and last but not least, the EasyChute team want to make the Clean-up process as easy as possible.

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